Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Sure Thing...

Hi there!  For all my local readers Heritage Trail starts its winter sale tomorrow 20 % to 50 % off selected items.  Great time to find some amazing unique pieces.  
They are located at 410 Ridge Rd. Wilmette, IL 60091 phone:847-256-6208.  
Now go forth and SHOP!!!

Here are just a few of my fav pieces I have gotten there over the years...

My new french watercolors book, which I just adore because of the perfect pink color cover!

My federal mirror which I picked up at the Heritage garage sale for a mere $35!!!  

A beautiful nude which hangs in my bathroom I got over 6 yrs. ago

A pair of gorgeous egg prints which I also got over six years ago

Darling bird tin

My snake charmer, which I absolutely LOVE!!!

Moral of the story, there are so many fabulous finds at Heritage!

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  1. Yes ma'am! I am going to head over tomorrow...