Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye For Now....

Today is a sad day for me and everyone who knows her, my DEAR friend Kell is moving back to Australia.  There are so many wonderful things about Kell and I would like to name just a few....

1. She is an extremely talented artist

This is the lamp painting she did for me which hangs in my family room and I ADORE!!!

This painting by Kell hangs above my parents bed

2. A gifted decorator...

3. C0-owner of The Bauble Nest, a darling jewelry store where you can always find the perfect piece.  

4. Author of two FAB blogs, Admiring Pretty Things and The Bauble Nest
Kell was instrumental is getting me started with my own blog and I will forever be grateful for that!

5. AMAZING mother of four and wife.
 Kell really taught me that not everything needs to be perfect when you are mothering LOVE is the key! 

Kell's LOVELY children

Kell and Wayne

6. Dear friend...
Kell went out of her way when my husband and I moved to Wilmette and welcomed us into her world.  She introduced us to all her wonderful friends and ALWAYS included us.  Kell and I share a PASSION for interiors and have had a blast sharing this common love.  

Kell and me

Wilmette is losing an amazing family BUT Australia is gaining a true gift :) 


  1. So sad I never got the chance to meet her. Her art work and decorating are truly stunning! Amy, this is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend!

  2. oh, you practically made me cry!!!! So sad she is leaving the US (for your sake) but can't wait to see what inspiration she brings us from across the pond!

  3. she sounds lovely, surely Australia will welcome her back!

    hope you don't miss her too much, that is sad!