Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not So Hidden Gems...

I love keeping my treasures in cute dishes that can be kept out for display!  Why keep your beautiful jewelry hidden away?  Here are some examples of interesting ways to display and organize your special pieces, ENJOY...

Look at all these gorgeous baubles perfectly organized in cups and saucers!

Love the use of this brass seal to display bracelets, I am dying to copy this.

Icing in a cup :)

Vintage tie rake to hang necklaces, love it!!!

My very own pink and gold saucer to house my jewels...

Want some of your own, check out these from etsy...

Pink rose saucer from Little Miss Famous $10

Bird saucer from silverWares $8.50

Vintage Trinket Dish $10.50

Gold trim cup from Yellow Magnolia's $6.00

Images from Shelter, Peacock Feathers and Etsy


  1. Love my beautiful plate that you gave me for this purpose! It sits by my sink for my rings to rest on while I do dishes.

  2. I think you should go back to Heritage and get those cute bowls!