Friday, January 29, 2010

A Beauty Plate???

Believe me it's NOT what you think!!!  Ok, so I woke up this morning to freezing temps (high of 17 degrees) and a broken thermostat.  So I made an emergency call to the furnace company and they sent someone out right away.  Of course our thermostat is located on my brand new million dollar Cole and Son wallpaper so I started to get very nervous.  The repair guy explained the new thermostat was much smaller so it would not cover the non-wallpapered part of the wall.  Therefore we needed to purchase a "beauty plate" to go around the thermostat.  The beauty plate was going to cost us an additional $60 and trust me there's nothing beautiful about it!!!  For sixty bucks I asked him if it came in pink, and just an FYI they don't!  My husband was like only you would need a beauty plate installed with a thermostat.  LOL  
Here's a beauty shot of my brand new beauty plate :o  

Ok, I will also leave you with a pretty image to make-up for the beauty plate!!!
Love the fabric on the chair, beautiful dresser and mirror!

Image from The Glam Lamb


  1. It is more beautiful than I could have every expected!

  2. oh my god...wallpaper giving me shivers(the good kind). beauty plate melting my eyes.

  3. How thoughtful of the utility company to have beauty plates in stock and to call them beauty plates to ease the pain.