Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art Alternative...

I decided to do another post about my framed Hermes scarf, it was my very first post and I think many people missed it!!!  It truly is one of my very favorite pieces and hangs over my fireplace, whenever people come over I always get a million complements.  I got this idea from my best friend Darby who inherited them from her grandmother in Paris.  I love it for so many reasons, it's truly beautiful, very unique, and can be used anywhere.  They look amazing over mantels, beds, in a hallway--really anywhere.  I plan on passing mine down as a family heirloom, those special family pieces always mean the most! 

Here are a few pictures of mine hope you enjoy...


  1. my dream is to own a hermes scarf, and yours is very pretty..but wouldn't you rather wear it? i'm a scarf person so it would get good milage with me :)