Thursday, February 11, 2010

Delivery From Uzbekistan...

Look what arrived today, my hubby was worried I had resorted to smuggling to make a little extra cash!!!  LOL  

Here's the package they arrived in...
Love that wax seal :0

And here are the lovely suzani pillows cases, two for $72.00!!!  I put them in my family room to complement my gorgeous Trina Turk pillows from the one and only Plum Cushion!!!  

Pillows from Antiquarian Textiles on ebay, they sell suzani as well as ikat pillows and fabrics.  

***I feel as though I should mention a friend and fellow blogger did not have a good experience with this ebay seller but several other bloggers including myself were very happy with the product!  Just wanted to mention that.  


  1. I love them. And I'm so glad you got the actual item you ordered (as opposed to a smokey heap of maroon rayon). I may have to try again... great find!