Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Chic...

Is it wrong that I would love to see my son in this room (not his actual room just photographed in it), ok don't answer that I know the answer!!!  But seriously I ADORE this room, if I had a girl I would DIE for this!!!  This tufted pink bed is out of this world,

Once my little guy is out of his crib (I'm thinking when he's around 5!) I am going to re-do his room just like this.  Love the urbane cowboy look including the upholstered zebra headboard and overall sophisticated look. 

These will be in his room too, given to my husband by his father :)  

Drawing of  same image...

Clean modern unisex room, got to love the poufs!

Black walls not what you would expect in a nursery but totally works...

Rocker teenage boy's room, again digging the black walls!

Not sure really what to say L.O.V.E this!!!  Wallpaper, orange chinoiserie roman shade, built-in perfection.


Pretty in pink...

Vintage charm and love the wall cluster, especially in a kids room...

Too cute for words...

Love the wall decal, have one in my basement playroom...


  1. loving them all, especially the one with striped yellow/white ceilings. so unique!

  2. I cannot wait to see Roo's room... and just think maybe the pink tuffted bed is good inspiration for #2??

  3. yes to that tufted bed. can i be buried in it?
    i did a post last week on jan eleni interiors that had a really awesome boys room in it.

  4. I too love the nursery with the black wall. And the pink tufted bed...Me likey.

  5. i now know how the "cowboy" in the village people came to be.

    odds of this happening...0

    - the dad