Friday, February 12, 2010

Internal Sun...

Just had to share this....picture of my formal living turned into a spray tan parlor!!!  Since I am somewhat crazy I decided I needed a spray tan before I left on vacation, that first day in a suit with pasty white skin is NOT pretty.  So I found Celebrity Skin who will spray you in the comfort of your own home :)  Becky did an amazing job, killer tan!!!

Here's the spray tan tent in my living room, no joke!


  1. Great complement to the crazy $1million dollar wallpaper just around the corner... I hope nothing sprayed too far... I am so mad you are leaving me for a week!

  2. I am dying...this is hilarious. Only you would have your spray tan delivered to your home. ha! Have a great trip!

  3. Thanks Amy! Glad you like your tan! I'm obsessed with your blog!! I cannot believe that villa you stayed in? CRAZY AMAZING!!! 877-FAUX-TAN for anyone out there interested in a great faux tan to wish away the winter blues!