Thursday, October 1, 2009

Powder Room Facelift!!!

Last week I showed the wallpaper I am planning to use in my powder room and here are my "layering" pieces.  I am hoping to turn my plain, sad powder room into something fabulous.  I am planning on switching out the dreary mirror, shelving unit and adding a glamour portrait.  I purchased the vintage gold shelving piece from a friends garage sale, the gold leaf mirror from Charm Cottage in Union Pier, MI and the vintage glamour portrait from Coco+Kelley on etsy.  Here are some pictures of the powder room as is and the pieces I am adding.  Best part is my Mom reminded me last week this soon to be fabulous powder room is where all of  my son's friends will be peeing!!!  LOL

Wallpaper I am using--Manuel Canovas Pali in Rose

Before shot of Powder Room

Vintage Shelving Piece

Gold Leaf Mirror

Vintage Glamour Portrait-L.O.V.E.



  1. I can't WAIT to see the results. Ok, now I have to check out COCO + KELLY. Love that print!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see it too! So enjoying your blog!

  3. Amy, your blog is beautiful and you have a great sense of style ... thanks so much for featuring the little french box from I look forward to following you. :)