Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pouf I did it again...

Something about these things I just adore!!!  I spied one when I was looking through some decorating mags and knew right then and there I had to have them.  Not only do they look super cool just about in any room but they are the PERFECT coffee table for people with kids--no sharp edges!!!  After months of research I found the perfect poufs through Tazi Design.  They offer them in a wide range of colors, sizes and they come pre-stuffed (which many companies don't offer) PLUS free shipping.  A word to the wise I would avoid ordering poufs on ebay (usually i love ebay) but I have heard the quality is not good.  

LOVE this entire room! Sex in the City author Candace Bushnell's apartment

One day I will own a pink sofa:)

Perfect next to a tub

Great in a kids room

Another alternative to a bench at the foot of a bed

My Poufs!

Images from Style Court and House Beautiful

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  1. I love them!!! I'm going to find a place to put it in our house! Love your blog too!