Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Random Weekend Pit Stop......

Ok, now my husband is beginning to get suspicious!!!  On my way to run a totally unrelated antiquing errand I happened upon Heritage Trail's annual GARAGE SALE.  For those of you that don't know about Heritage Trail you are missing out, it's an antique mall in Wilmette, IL. The address is 410 Ridge Rd. and here is their website site Click Here.  They have tons of dealers and you are sure to find some AMAZING pieces, I always do.  Also if you decide to make a trip the entire stretch of Ridge Ave. for several blocks is loaded with wonderful antique stores including Pandora's Box (416 Ridge Ave. right next to Heritage), and Alexis Vintiques  (805 Ridge Ave) just to name a few.  The two pieces I picked up for a STEAL were, another federal mirror (I know I obsessed) BUT this one is HUGE and made of wood not resin and a lovely oil painting--$20 for the mirror and $15 for the painting! Below please find my lovely husband assisting with the mirror placement and the oil painting.  Neither has been hung yet because the baby was in bed and we did not want to wake him, I hate waiting :0


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  1. Nice finds Mrs. Huntress!!! I love the huge federal mirror!!!