Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Touch of Glamour Courtesy of Room and Board

When we moved into our new house one of the pieces I needed right away was a living room sofa. For those of you who know me realize this decision could take months and it did!!!  I could not decide for the longest time, luckily for me my good friend Karen works for Room and Board.  I had originally seen the Hutton when I went to visit Karen at work but was still living downtown and did not need a sofa at that point.  I immediately fell in love with this sofa and wanted it badly but of course when it came time to buy I kept second guessing myself.  In the end I purchased the Hutton and love it for so many reasons.  It is truly a cross between modern and classic, the color is gorgeous (I got it in cloud), it is very comfortable and deep so it's the perfect spot for reading. The hutton comes in four different sizes/styles and 6 colors, I really like the indigo it's such a beautiful peacock color!!!   

***Please excuse the look of the unfinished room as my house is still a work in progress--I plan to post pics of all rooms once they are done :)

Photo of Hutton from Room and Board website
My Unfinished Living Room


  1. Great couch...love the color! Welcome to the blogging world! Would love for you to follow either of my blogs as well! The Meli Faif Lief, which has bee sad lately, please forgive me. Or my Red Curlz blog.

  2. Oooh Huntress. Love this sofa. Can I copy? Love the color so much! You are an inspiration!