Friday, October 23, 2009

Paper, Paper on the Wall...

Well, the decision has finally been made after 9 long months of hunting I found my wallpaper for my entryway!  I had originally found a blue and gilver (part gold, part silver) paper by Anna French that I loved but something kept stopping me from ordering it.  I had the sample hanging in my hallway and at different times during the day I was not liking how the metallic read, way too gold.  So I kept looking with the help of Kell (my friend) and Claudia from Epco Paint Wallpaper and Blinds in Wilmette, IL.  Epco has a wide assortment of beautiful paper and Claudia is amazing to work with, very patient during my MANY months of searching.  Thanks Claudia!!!  In the end Kell found this gorgeous pale gray and white damask paper from Cole and Son that will be the perfect complement for my many blues and my accent color pink!  The paper comes from England so it will take a few weeks to arrive and then it finally goes up.  Check out Cole and Sons website, they truly have the most gorgeous papers.  Below is my pick along with some others I really love from them.  Excuse the poor photo quality had to take with my phone because my husband left today with the camera :(

My hallway paper-IIena

Rocca Stripe


Haddon Hall Flock on Silver Foil


Images from Cole and Son website


  1. the Rocca Stripe! Very nice.

  2. do you realize that you looked for wallpaper for approximately the same time it took you to bring Marco into this world? you be loco baby