Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Shade Of A Different Color...

First, let me start of by saying Happy New Year!!!

Wanted to start the new year with an amazing transformation in my master bedroom!!!
I desperately needed new blinds and after finding this China Seas fabric from Designer's Attic I was well on my way...

Here are my shades before YIKES...

Shades after...

I could not be happier with the results!!!
It is now such a serene place to lay my weary head.
For local readers Elizabeth at Unique Creations made these gorgeous shades for me, her work is superb-- I highly recommend her!!!

Unique Creations


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous! I recently bought some fabric from the Designer's Attic, but I haven't been as good about doing anything with it yet. You've inspired me to get going!

  2. Wow what a difference definitely a lot more soothing.

  3. Shazam!! She does it again. Beautiful!!!!!

  4. Wow, it looks fantastic! And I love your sexy side tables, too!

  5. I LOVE this! I love anything with unexpected ornateness...and I really love seeing things that in a million years I could never have thought up on my own. Wish I could find a way to incorporate into my living space

  6. I love your blog - how did you get the fabric from designers attic - I have tried so many times!! Any hints.

  7. Liz-Check every morning first thing and you have to make a decision VERY quickly!!!! Good luck :)