Friday, January 14, 2011

Feeling Blue???

If I ever have the chance to design my own kitchen I always thought I would go all white but after seeing this soft blue kitchen I may have changed my mind???

This space is spectacular!!!
The pale blue contrasting with the black/gold stove is divine.

Jennifer Lopez's kitchen in California...

What do you think, are you a fan of the blue???

Images from Verandah House


  1. You know how much I love gray/blue! I think this kitchen is just stunning. Is that a peralized backsplash? Hard to tell. Kitchen light fixture is amazing.

    However, I'm wondering where she feeds her children? I wouldn't even let my husband sit in those white chairs. :)

  2. Stunning I am def, a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I loved Jlo's whole house! I poured over that magazine. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Wonderful to see a different colour in a kitchen. As an interior designer, I love encouraging my clients to bravely embrace a little colour. This palest of pale blues is just exquisite for a cupboard colour, in fact for any use! Just a gorgeous, gorgeous colour.

    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!