Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Amazing Transformation...

Remember my ebay coffee table I got for $36!!??

My plan was to have it painted in a hi-gloss white and make it look similar to this...

Well it's done and I think it looks AMAZING!!!

For local readers the very talented Alexis from Alexis Vintiques painted my table.
Alexis owns a fabulous antique store in Wilmette, IL along with offering custom painting services!

Images from Ebay and Absolutely Beautiful Things


  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I want one!!

  2. Wow! I need to shop Ebay more often I didn't think you could score something on Ebay for so cheap. Looks great! Similar to my desk I picked up at the flea market and in the same yellow, wonder if their related..?

  3. I can't believe you found that table for $36!!! Unreal and the paint job is gorgeous!!! Great job!

  4. Beautiful coffee table! Alexis made my dining room table this fall. She is super talented and has great taste.

  5. it looks gorgeous! so glad its back home!

  6. That looks amazing! There is nothing that white gloss paint can't make look fabulous. I have a small obsession with it. My husband said if he finds another can of white spray paint in our garbage he is gonna be worried I painted our son.

  7. Thanks everyone!!! So glad you like it :) I am very happy with the results!


  8. Amazing! This looks like your inspiration photo. Great job!!!

    Amy R.

  9. What a steal and your finished product looks fabulous!