Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me??--A Not So Subtle Hint...

Just came across this AMAZING new mirror from Ballard Designs on 6th Street Design!!!
If my husband is reading this (and I'm sure he's not :0) I REALLY want this for my upcoming birthday for our living room...

Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!

Image from 6th Street Design


  1. Oh, no! I love it too, also have an upcoming birthday AND I'm redecorating my living room this month. Oops.

    Happy 2011. Thanks for the tip on the mirror.
    xx, M

  2. Girl do what I do when I want something save it as his wallpaper on his computer along with a bookmark where to buy. Works every time for me.

  3. Thanks girls!!!! I think my Mom read it and saved my hubby!!!! Should arrive early Feb!!!!!