Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A to Z Gallerie...

Take a look at some of the amazing finds at

Super Glam Bed...
Starting at $1,499
Love the lines of this sofa and color!

Sputnik Chandelier

Silver Garden Stool

Rose Pillow 

Moroccan Pedastal

Jupiter Chandelier

Horn Table 

School Of Fish 3 Piece Wall Panel 
Truly stunning!!!

Fairmont Mirror

Crystal Dining Chair 
I can picture these around an antique table to mix it up!

Devon Mirror 

Cherry Blossom Panel 

Images from Z Gallerie Website


  1. do you think i can get that rose pillow to sit between my other two white ones from etsy? too many flowers?

  2. nope, u need another color and no more flowers :) sorry!

  3. I love that horn table so much-I went in the store a few weeks ago to check it out, and it came up to my knee! And I'm only 5" tall!

  4. too bad that table is super cool looking!

  5. I am in love with that bed. What is the name of it?