Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Counter Clutter???

Usually I don't like a ton of stuff on kitchen counters but I think I have changed my mind!  
As Peacock Feathers stated it is styled like a vanity rather than a kitchen which I LOVE!!  
This image has inspired me...what do you think of it???

Image from Peacock Feathers


  1. for me personally...too cluttered but i see what you mean about the vanity comparison. it works because the groupings are composed very nicely.

  2. My sister is an artist. Her countertops are honed black stone and filled, filled, filled with artful displays of mostly a culinary nature. And it really works...at her place. I try it at mine and all it looks like is clutter. But I love it when I see it.

  3. Hi, lovely blog! I am absolutely a fan of stuff on counters.. it has to be in a grouping that makes sense though, or else it would just look way too cluttered! xo