Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Dog Gone GOOD Find...

Could not wait till Monday to share my new beauties!!!  Got them at an Estate Sale today for $30 for the pair, pretty unbelievable!  My friend Marla and author of Keeping Up With Stella saw them first and I almost ran her over trying to get to them, luckily for me they are not her colors.  They truly are the most gorgeous Foo Dogs I have ever seen, hard to tell in the pictures but they are pale pink and green with gold accents!



  1. Thank you for asking, indeed I am recovering nicely from my injuries I sustained from Amy pushing me out of the way to make sure no one else laid hands on these bad boys! Nothing was going to stop her from getting these. I swear she nearly high jumped the king-size bed and had a perfect 10 landing. These "puppies" are AMAZING and HUGE. Amy you should post what size they are.

  2. Amy they will go perfectly alongside a certain ginger jar which just so happens to have tiny touches of green. There is no doubt that you are one talented HUNTRESS!!

  3. Love foo dogs. I have some white ones but they are gorgeous!
    As far as the mirrored tables my lovely, they are by arteriors. Perhaps you could contact someone and see who carries them in your area? xo


  4. my dear you are obsessed! but I get it and those are amazingly awesome (and I love a great deal) well done!

  5. Great find. I've never seen Foo Dogs that color.

  6. Hey- mirrored table dimensions:
    2' tall x 20" deep x 24" wide
    Hope this helps! xo