Monday, September 28, 2009

Federal Mirrors

My dear friend and author of Admiring Pretty Things Kell turned me on to federal mirrors and now I am crazy about them!!!  I was trying to figure out what to put on either side of our HUGE tv and Kell suggested flanking either side with two federal mirrors.  Then the hunt was on, federal mirrors can be expensive so I turned to ebay to find some on the cheap :)  After a few days I found two that were similar in size and the bidding began.....I scored both for around $28 a piece (pretty good).  Once they arrived Kell suggested I use Kilz spray paint primer to magically turn them white.  One of them we could remove the mirror before spraying and the other we had to tape off.  After only two coats and about 10 mins they were done!!!  No other paint was needed.   After finishing the two for my family room I purchased another smaller one on ebay for Marco's room.  
Here are the easy steps below and finished product, thanks again Kell!!!

Mirror before paint

Kilz Original Primer-Sealer Stainblocker

Federal mirror close up

Family room

Baby one in Marco's room

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  1. You are right - these are great! I've been this close to buying before but never did b.c I worried my place would look like an antique shop. The white paint makkes them look amazing. Plus, can you really ever have too many mirrors?