Monday, September 21, 2009

Wallpaper OBSESSION.......

Ok, if I could I would wallpaper my whole house, I LOVE it!!!!  The new papers that are available are to DIE for.  I finally decided what paper I am using in my powder room, it only took me 8 mths.  It is by Manuel Canovas and the pattern is Pali in rose :)  It also comes in a fabric which I might do a pillow or two for my living room.  

**Images from Absolutely Beautiful Things and House Beautiful.


  1. I can only imagine the look on Brad's face when he comes home and you are rolling around in your new wallpaper :) LOVE it, it's so you! congrats on the blog, it's fab!

  2. Who doesn't love wallpaper.............instant artwork for your wall!!!! Don't be afraid of using wallpaper...........JUST DO IT!!!!
    Love the pink and the pattern. David.