Friday, February 4, 2011

Susie Says...

Nothing finishes off a room like a well placed orchid, whether it's in an entryway, kitchen bedroom or bath!!! It adds subtle beauty and really finishes off the space. Recently my FAB friend Susie (remember the work she did to the front of my house, HERE) gave me the best orchid watering tip, orchids can be very hard to keep alive and the key is not to over water them. Susie told me to simply put two ice cubes in the pot once a week, GENIUS.
Thanks Susie!!!

Images from Decor Pad


  1. Gorgeous, orchids add instant chic.

    Just spent so much time going through your blog, so much inspiration and your home is lovely!

  2. Thanks for the great tip! My friend gave me an orchid after I had my son and said "its an easy flower to take care of". Well two months later and that baby was dead. I had no idea how much or little to water it. Now I need a replacement orchid! Oh and so funny, I was never a Chi O but all my best friends were. Don't know why I love me an owl so much but I do!

  3. Ok so just realized you were not the one of asked me about being a CHI-O on my bloggy. Its too early and I have yet to finish my cup of coffee! So ignore the random owl, Chi-o part of my response!