Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Things....

Here are some things I am wanting for the house!!!

1. An abstract painting by Nicole Cohen on Esty...

2. A zebra rug for my office...

3. These Hudson Valley sconces for my master bath...
4. Also a basket chandelier for the bathroom...

5. Several gallons of hi-gloss black paint for my staircase....
I want to re-paint my staircase hi-gloss black and white like these iamges...

Images from Etsy, CSN Stores and Decor Pad


  1. You, my friend, are a terrible influence on my wife... Upon my return from a boys weekend, I find the Huntress influence has taken over. It's more expensive than dinner at the Olive Garden for god's sake!!

  2. I think she is a WONDERFUL influence on the wife! I'll be posting pictures of my new look on my blog later today!

  3. B Frank-Please don't bring Olive Garden into this!!! That's hitting below the belt!!! Mrs/Dr T-can't WAIT to see all your progress!!!!

  4. Yes to all of the above. I too am desperately wanting an abstract painting and zebra rug. Love the black gloss stairs, to die for!! Beyond gorgeous!

  5. I love the chandelier over the bath and the red bench in the hall! Beautiful.

  6. I would welcome any of these into my own home with open arms. Great roundup!

  7. do the stair. do the stairs. YUM!!