Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Outdoor Makeover...

I have been meaning to post these Before and After's of the outside of my house so quite some time now but never got around to it!!! Not enough time in the day. Here's the outside before, gray front door, boring knocker, and garden looking very shabby and not in a chic way :)

Before Pics Of House...

Before Pics Of Front Garden
*I would like to go on record that I dug up this entire area of weeds ALL by myself :)
Wait till you see the after, it was hard work!

Here was my inspiration for the front of the house/garden, love the simple spruce topiaries...

So once I knew the "look" I wanted it was time to call in the big guns, my friend and "Boutique Gardener" Susie!!! She came over for a consult and helped me to make my vision come alive. Her first reco which I would never have thought of was to move my urns from the stone fence to my front door to create more visual interest. Next she figured out how to bring my favorite color pink into the picture and the results speak for themselves!!! Susie did the two urns on either side of the door and my sweet flower box now perched on one side of the fence. For any local readers if you need Susie to transform your garden she can be reached at 414-708-6682.

The After Pics...

Pic of my front courtyard which I just adore.
Perfect spot for a cocktail!

After Of Front Garden, remember how bad it was before!

Now for the front door, I decided to go with black (used hi-gloss paint for more drama) and a huge FAB lion door knocker. Here was my inspiration for the door and the knocker I scored on Ebay....

Ebay Knocker

After Of Front Door...

Last but not least Susie gave me this vintage lion fountain which I have been hunting for months!!!!
It will hang in my front courtyard...

YIKES sorry for such a long post!!! The front is still a work in progress but I think we have come a long way. Thanks again to Susie who made all of my garden dreams a reality :)

Images taken by me


  1. Beautiful! Wow, the door... I'm swooning, the courtyard, sigh, and your home.. gorgeous! xx

  2. That SUZ is quite awesome! It really looks beautiful. I cannot wait to see it in person!

  3. AMY, LOVE it all!!!! gorgeous, will you fly to Kansas and help me with my yard? It is in some major need of TLC!

  4. It looks absolutely beautiful!!! Great before and after makeover! You did such and amazing job with your garden. Love it!

  5. Its even better in person! Great transformation Amy!

  6. Great job, your house looks beautiful! I adore the lion knocker, I am a real sucker for a fabulous door knocker!

  7. What a COOL front door...! Great choice! :))))