Thursday, October 7, 2010

Take A Seat...

Remember this???
Scored it at an estate sale for $75!!!
Unfortunately, I had to remove the chinoiserie fabric so now I am hunting for fabric to recover it...

It currently look like this, poor thing...

Here are some inspirational images to assist me in my hunt...

Images from Decor Pad and Pink Wallpaper


  1. Oooh, I love it with the bright ikat!

  2. Fabulous bones, no? Yep! I love the navy and white ikat fab. It is FAB! I am all over fab-u-lous today, sorry!

  3. Hi Ladies! Great minds think alike I am "hunting" for some ikat that will go with my existing stuff :)

  4. love the 9th image with the white and navy ikat! you will sooo find it! i look forward to the final project! I do however think the naked state its in right now is pretty cool. LOL

  5. Don't you just love a great find, especially when the price is such a bargain! I also picked up a settee, at a yard sale, that's about 6 feet long! $75 too. It's in my studio, so I went with bright and bold-
    I really like what I've seen on your blog, I'll be back to do more browsing!

  6. I'm still in love with the grey & white...

  7. I LOVE the big stripes! You must do it!!!!!!