Friday, October 1, 2010

Real Housewife of DC...

I have to admit I LOVE the Real Housewives of DC!!! I have been admiring Mary Amons' home since the show started. Here are some pics, her home is actually on the market...

Modern kitchen, love the clean lines and artwork...

Is that a Pucci Chair???
I think so, DYING!!!!

Dining Room...

Master Bedroom
Zebra rug I NEED you!

Gorgeous Masterbath...

Mary's closet, which is in lock down (because of her teenage daughter) and Mary can only get into using her finger print!!!

Kids' bedroom...


If I lived in DC I would buy it, oh and if I had a couple million lying around!!!

Images from Glittarazzi


  1. Beautiful! What's it listed at?

  2. Tia-I think 2.6 do you want to go halfies????

  3. I've never watched any of the housewives shows. I must say that kitchen and artwork is fabulous!

  4. I am a Bravo whore. I am sad to admit I am sucked in by all the housewives shows and design shows. I love Mary's house too! I especially love the white kitchen. I wonder why they are selling. It seems that all the people on those shows are in financial distress.

  5. What a gorgeous house! The kitchen is my favorite! Thanks for sharing!
    Health and happiness,

  6. OMG, love the DC housewives too! It's 2nd to the RHNY :) Mary Amons drives me crazy, but the home is gorgeous. SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL, natural light. love it!