Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty In Pink???

So I am leaning towards pink for my settee...

Luckily my hubby is totally cool with it so pink it is!!!

Have a few fabric samples on the way--but does anyone know where I can find a pink COTTON Ikat???

Images from Decor Pad and Ada and Darcy


  1. This is going to look soooo good! I can't wait to see.

    Amy R.

  2. I have seen that fabric somewhere..just can't remember darn it! Hawthorne Threads has some fun pink fabrics as does Tonic living.

  3. hey amy! i'm so sorry i am just getting back to you. i am trying to think of what i might have....i have the david hicks fabric in the pic but i think i am stashing it for taylor's room...i am going on a huge buying trip in the near future if you don't have anything by then i will be happy to look for you....and your bedroom :)

  4. thanks Ladies!

    Shannon-Let me know before you go on the hunt and I will let you know if I am still looking!!!! thanks :)


  5. What about a Madeline Weinrib like this:

    I was thinking of doing my Louis DR chairs in this with a white/cream lacquer on the wood trim.