Monday, April 5, 2010

Finders Keepers...

Another fantastic weekend of estate sale shopping with my partner in crime Marla!  After waiting close to an hour in the rain we made our way into the sale and found some FAB finds...

First off this beautiful hand painted asian screen which I hung in my stairway.  
Got this for $65.00!!!

Pair of yellow chinoiserie vases for $35!!!

Perfect pop of yellow to tie in my Great Grandmother's (Nonnie's) leather chairs!

And now the DEAL of the weekend, got this settee for $100, major staining so needs to re-upholstered but who cares!!!  
Sad the fabric can not be saved because I really love it but the frame is AMAZING!!!

Thinking it would look perfect in this striped fabric I spied on Designer's Attic this morning...

Image from Designer's Attic


  1. It was a blast! I am still coming down from the excitement.

  2. that fabric is so expensive that is on the settee!! that is sad it can't be saved but i am sure whatever you do to it will look amazing!! i love your yellow leather chairs btw!

  3. How do you find out about the estate sales??? Is there a website?

  4. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky! That's crazy! I love the screen, wonder if there's any way a professional cleaner could get rid of the stains on the settee?

  5. love that screen and those yellow leather chairs totally rock...!

  6. Amy..check out Chairloom. They take beautiful antique furniture and reupholster them with them a tasteful modern twist.

  7. The screen was a fantastic bargain!

  8. Just found your blog- love it! The fabric on the settee is amazing! If you haven't already reupholstered it, you may want to try this fantastic cleaner called folex. I bought mine at BB&B for around $7. It's actually a carpet cleaner, but I've been using it on fabric too. It's awesome because you don't have to rinse (unlike resolve). You just spray on a little, rub it around a little and the spot just disappears like magic. I swear I don't work for them, I just love this stuff. Even used it to get magic marker (not the washable kind) out of my linen slipcovers. Good luck!