Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Blue Zebra???

Fell in love with this blue zebra fabric....

So bought this from Little Green Notebook...

 having a roman shade made for my kitchen window, with a white border like this...

to hang in back of this!!!!



  1. so pretty! When you are done with your house, will you fly down and help me do mine?! Ha!

  2. That chandelier is so perfect!

  3. I saw that fabric on her web site and fell in love with it. I wanted to buy it but there wasn't enough for me. I can't wait to see your shade.

  4. I thought about buying that same blue zebra fabric for a chair seat. I want to see your shades when they are finished. I have a friend who bought a very similar chandy like the last pic at a Habitat Restore for $10. She is putting the light in her bathroom. Really cool!

  5. where did you purchase the blue zebra fabric?

  6. I'm wondering if you know the name of the manufacturer, and what this pattern is? This would be perfect for a project I'm working on!! Thank you!