Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Chair...

This completely fabulous chair was given to me by my Aunt Patty and Uncle John.  I just adore this chair with it's gold bamboo frame and suede & leather cushion.  It sits in my office and is a constant reminder of my Aunt Patty's AMAZING style!!!  As a young girl I spent many holidays at my Aunt Patty and Uncle John's house, and was always in awe of her decor.  
It was so sophisticated but with a touch of fabulousness!!!    
Now that I am decorating my own house I can see how Aunt Patty's style has shaped my taste.  

Unfortunately, we lost Aunt Patty and Uncle John both within the last several weeks but we take comfort in the fact that they are together forever...



  1. I am glad you have that wonderful chair to remember those sweet times with...

  2. wow what a fabulous chair and a reminder of two wonderful people!

  3. Oooh, stunning chair, and how nice that you have it to remember them with. It's really cool!