Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's The Small Things...

that make me happy... and sometimes the big things!
Today the small...

Look at these gorgeous pink agate coasters I got at HomeGoods on clearance for $7.00!

Agate-"Produced from lava that has been cooled for 80 million years, agate is a translucent, exceptionally strong mineral that was once thought to protect its owners from all dangers and even affect their dreams."

FYI-all local readers the Homegoods on Dempster in Morton Grove has crazy cool stuff right now!


  1. very pretty! Dempster is the best HG around!!

  2. I am NOT allowed to go there anymore!

  3. Amy - you're going to die - you won my Gorjana giveaway!!! I had two winners yesterday, and one of them didn't leave a way to contact me, so i gave her 24 hrs and then re-drew another winner. it was YOU! yay!!! i'll be in touch as to your winnings....I think you may be able to pick your fav color bracelet....xo!

  4. amy - can you email me? need your email address so you can coorespond with Gorjana people about your bracelet. my email is

  5. Too funny I got the same coasters and love them! Mine are a bit darker purple. HomeGoods is the bomb!

  6. These are seriously cool! I love that they're punchy pink! Nicolex

  7. pretty pink coasters!

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