Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hicks Pendant...

I know many of you have seen this FAB light fixture but I am so crazy about it!!!
Images below are from Nicole's kitchen author of Sketch 42...

If I ever have a chance to redo my kitchen I will use these for sure!!!
I think I would use the brass because it's warmer

The Hicks Pendant is available through Circa Lighting

Images from Shelter


  1. These are so original - a real change to the usual pendant lights you see in a kitchen. Nicolex

  2. OH yes, this fixtures seems to be all the rage. I've seen it in many blog posts from various sources. It never fails, it makes me (sigh)...and smile every time I see it. Doesn't matter which combo it is, it just looks SO cool!

  3. Love the brass!!
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