Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shut The Front Door!!!

Look at all these amazing finds from HomeGoods!!!
For all you local readers it's the HomeGoods in Morton Grove.

7230 Dempster St.
Morton Grove, IL

LOVE this grayish blue entryway table...

More poufs...

Ok, now this is AMAZING!!! How cool would this be as a coffee table!!!
I want this sooo bad but have no where to put it...

*they have two the one pictured in back is even bigger

Beautiful upholstered chair!!!


  1. The one in Morton Grove is a MILLION times better than the Glenview one. They are not even comparable. Love the entry table!

  2. Man, I love that white coffee table!!

  3. I was just at our HG and they had nothing like this. Great finds!!!!

  4. what! I was at ours today and their was nothing like this :( although that might be a good thing.

  5. Really the one in Morton Grove is better? I have only been to the one in Glenview (and got an adorable step stool for Gemma there yesterday). Good to know!!!! Love love love that entry way table.

  6. So glad I found you for this post. I have been looking high and low for a unique round coffee table for a client with a curved sofa - and here it is on your blog. Luckily I have a HomeGoods here in Chattanooga - wish me luck! Fun blog - I'll be following!

  7. Yikes, having a problem signing up to follow your blog. I'll be back to try again!

  8. hi kim! Hope they have them near you, they are GORGEOUS in person :) I think the small one was $200 and the larger one $400! good luck!!!


  9. Ok just found your site. OMG where do you live and where is that white round table? Unbelievable.

  10. Peggy and Fritz! HomeGoods in Morton Grove, IL!!! Crazy cool table!