Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coffee Table Gems...

Here's my list of must have books to peruse and add drama to any home decor!
Won't these look Fabulous on your coffee table???

Best place to buy one of your own include Amazon and Ebay--they usually have way better prices!!!

Images from Amazon.com


  1. Too funny I just recently did a post on coffee table books too! I have the Domino Book on my coffee table right now, its great! I have Kelly Wearstler's books on my want list too. Might have to add the Vogue Homes. Great list!

  2. I want the Hermes book, do you have it?

  3. How funny, after reading Natalie's post on coffee table books a lil' while back (see above) I became obsessed. Desperately desiring the first 3. The cover of the Valentino is perfection!!

  4. Hi Girls!!! Great minds think a like :) I just had my coffee re-done so now I am obsessed with covering it with books and other treasures!


  5. Oh Aims, I just adore this blog. I love all my coffee table books. The Kelly Wearstler one is the best! Not only are coffee table books pretty, I really truly read them. My idea of perfect "me time". xxx Kell

  6. Kell!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!! xoxo Amy