Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes...

Yesterdays shade search was very successful!!!
I went to The Lamp Shader in Glenview and as usual they very EXTREMELY helpful.
They have an amazing staff and so many fabulous choices of shades and finials!

Here's The Lamp Before...

The Shade Contenders

Choice 1...

Choice 2...

Choice 3...

Choice 4...

Also looked at several finials, they have a huge assortment--
I may be crazy but I LOVE doing this, I could pick out shades and and finials all day long!!!

And the winner was....
Choice 4

Here it is in my house...

Pretty nice right???

The Lamp Shader
1710 Glenview, IL 60025


  1. So beautiful! I LOVE that shade!

  2. That looks fabulous. I would have voted for that shade too. Love your mirror!

  3. they are geniuses over there...truly gifted.

  4. can you tell us where your friend found the lamp??

  5. Shay-It's vintage from an estate sale but I always see them on Etsy and Ebay :) Good luck with your hunt....


  6. Cute lamp gets cuter with new shade and finial!

  7. Hi Amy, It's Lisa F's friend Susan ... I had to tell you I'm so jealous. I love your lamp! I'm hunting for 2 blanc de chine lamps for my bedroom in my Savannah house. I thought maybe you picked it up at that adorable shop you posted about, Circa Who ... but better yet, you got it from a friend! Congrats, it's gorgeous and the shade and finial are fabulous.

  8. love your blog - your walls in your house look like a green blue?? Searching for paint colors - are you willing to share. Thanks

  9. Liz-of course I would love to share! It's Restoration Hardware Silver Birch! They don't make it anymore BUT many paint stores carry the formula's for restoration paint so you can just call them and ask for it.

    Also Restoration paint is made by Benjamin Moore and online they are saying Silver Birch is called Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore #1562. I just held up a sample of Healing Aloe against my walls and it looks like a perfect match! Good luck let me know if you have any other questions!


  10. hi Susan!!!! Def. check ebay and Etsy I see them all the time, good luck!!!! xoxo Amy

  11. Thanks That is so funny my master bath and bedroom is silver birch got it years ago- I LOVE it and keep thinking I should just use it to paint my first floor -Wasnt sure how it would go as a living space color but it looks great in your photos!

  12. Liz-Go for it you will love it, happy painting!!!!