Friday, September 24, 2010

Assistance Needed!!!

I am looking for new sconces for my master bath! LOVE the ones in this image the chinoiserie detail is so cool, anyone seen anything like it???

I ended up buying these venetian mirrors from Wisteria...
which I LOVE!!!

Any other suggestions my dear readers?
I definitely want/need a two light sconce with a pure white shade.
I want something classic with a twist!

Images from Wisteria


  1. Love love love that second picture! I want it all!

  2. Great choice on the mirrors! Those are the ones I liked best. I'm sure they are gorge in your bathroom!

  3. I often check out as while there is a huge amount to sieve through they do have some really amazing lighting - had a quick squiz for you (what can I say, I love research) and the Lido MW2511 is similiarish and the Cosmopolitan 1 Light Wall Light if mounted upside down to the picture with a white shade like the one you want is lovely. Nicolex

  4. Just realised you're not a blog local to me so forget my .au suggestions :( Am sure you will find something beautiful :) Nicolex