Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Days Of Hickory...

Ok, so I am going to dedicate this entire week to my Hickory finds! 
 I had a wonderful trip with my Mother-in-law to the Hickory Furniture Mart--we were VERY successful to say the least.  My first find are my gorgeous white bookcases that are going in my living room to house all my goodies.   I got two of these for an unbelievable deal!  
They have a lighting feature at the top and smokey mirrored backs. 
Purchased these at the Boyles Furniture Outlet with the help of a wonderful sales associate Lucy--who was able to find me a second one at the factory!!!  

Hard to photograph but here are the mirrored backs...

Images taken by me
*please excuse the photos I was in a huge rush too busy shopping!!!


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  1. So beautiful! Cannot wait to see the pictures when they're in your home and all done up!