Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex In The City 2....

Saw it tonight with a bunch of girls and it did not disappoint!!!  
Carrie and Big's apartment was AMAZING!!!  First thing I noticed was the wallpaper in their master bedroom, knew right away it was Cole and Son Rococa Stripe.  I had considered it for my hallway paper but ended up going another Cole and Son.  

Rococa Stripe

Only image I could find looks WAY better in the movie!!!

Could not resist showing the closet...


  1. The minute that the camera landed on Carrie & Big's bedroom Amy grabbed my arm and said "Oh! I almost got that paper- its blah, blah blah..." The Huntress never rests... haha.

  2. So knew you were going to blog about this!!!

  3. Gorgeous! The closet is to die for!
    Health and happiness,