Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're My Lady...

Lately I have been obsessed with vintage lady portrait's.  After seeing a few this summer I decided I had to have one.  The hunt began and after months of searching I finally found "the one" on etsy from Coco+Kelley.  As I said before my lady is going in my powder room but I love them in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.  I am particularly fond of an entire collection covering a wall, how FAB!!!  You can find them from every era but I prefer the 60's/70's they are less old fashion and much more glamorous.  Since they are so hot right now the prices for them have gone up on ebay and even etsy--so keep your eyes peeled for one at an estate or garage sale!  

My lovely lady below

LOVE this one, reminds me of my super glamorous Grandmother Jackie :)

Love the color scheme used here

Simple but very elegant

Classic beauty

What amazing collections.....
First one is my favorite

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